LGBTQ+ awareness training courses

Our aim is to help support your organisation’s staff, service users,
volunteers and wider stakeholders develop their skills and knowledge
to better support LGBTQ+ individuals.

Our awareness training courses are suitable for all levels of knowledge and we provide a
confidential and non-judgemental space where you and your colleagues can ask the questions you feel are most relevant to your working practices.

Our sessions are 3 hours long

Ideals session size is 5 and 20 participants

Training can be delivered at your offices or via zoom

Our 3 hour courses are CPD certified

LGBTQ+ awareness course – CPD certified

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: from £500
Suitable for all levels of knowledge

An individual wearing a black dress presenting in front of a whiteboard to a room of people.

LGBTQ+ awareness training will cover:

  • Pronouns, how to use them and why they are important
  • Local LGBTQ+ statistics for mental health
  • The differences between Sexuality, Sex and Gender
  • An overview of understanding LGBTQ+ terminology
  • Challenging stereotypes
  • Microaggressions and how to tackle them
  • The challenges LGBTQ+ people face
  • Transgender identities and how to support gender-variant youth
  • Legal responsibilities including the Equality
    Act 2010 and GRA Act 2004
  • Tips on how to make your workplace more LGBTQ+ inclusive

Gender identity awareness course

Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost: from £500
Suitable for all levels of knowledge

A set of wooden letter blocks in different colours arranged to spell the word gender.

Our Gender Identity Awareness training covers how to support trans, non-binary and gender-non-conforming individuals. 

Specialist talks

For experts seeking specific knowledge, we can run specialist topics and speaking engagements on request.

A group of people sat in an auditorium listening to a talk being given on stage.

Past specialist talks include:

  • Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing for LGBTQ+ Communities
  • Clinical Practice and Primary Care for Transgender Individuals
  • Supporting LGBTQ+ Children and Young People
  • LGBTQ+ Domestic Abuse
  • Anti-Bullying

At the heart of our trainings is a sincere desire to help you support LGBTQ+ people and raise your confidence levels. We want to work together to serve our community, so let us know what aspects of our expertise you feel you would benefit from most.

Fantastic, excellent content and delivered in a supportive way ensuring no-one felt a question was silly.

Educating with Pride

Working together towards positive inclusion and visibility for LGBTQ+ students in schools, Educating with Pride (EWP) is a year long partnership that gives you the tools and resources you need to continue to make a positive difference to the lives of students.

Corporate partnerships

Whether through corporate sponsorship, time, goods, or partnerships, your support is a vital force in creating a healthier, more inclusive community. Join us in inspiring positive change for LGBTQ+ individuals.


By volunteering, you can ensure our services remain free for all, share your experience to help others, and open doors to exciting opportunities.