Educating with Pride

Join schools around the region who are working towards positive inclusion and visibility for their LGBTQ+ students.

As part of a year long partnership, Educating with Pride gives you the tools and resources you need to continue to make a positive difference to the lives of students.

LGBTQ+ Student Group Support

LGBTQ+ young people often feel isolated. They may not be ‘out’ to all of their friends, classmates, or parents. It is a personal decision to come out and, for many, can still have some serious consequences. Providing a safe space in school where young people can go to feel fully accepted is an important and impactful step towards LGBTQ+ inclusion. Our Educating With Pride Coordinator can provide your school with guidance related to starting an LGBTQ+ student group and can come visit the group over the year, upon request.

These groups are shown to reduce isolation, connect students LGBTQ+ with peers with similar experiences, provide those with questions some support and create a safe space to gain confidence and self-esteem.  

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Staff LGBTQ+ Awareness Training

Our 3-hour LGBTQ+ Awareness Course is accredited CPD and will contribute to school staffs’ continued professional development.

The aim of the session is to help support your school’s teachers, teaching assistants, SLT and wider staff to develop their skills and knowledge to better support LGBTQ+ individuals. The session covers LGBTQ+ terminology, pronouns, an introduction to gender and sexuality, microaggressions, best practices in supporting LGBTQ+ young people and tips for making your school more LGBTQ+ inclusive.

The training is suitable for all levels of knowledge on this topic. We provide a confidential and non-judgemental space where you and your colleagues can ask the questions you feel are most relevant to your working practices.

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Bespoke Specialist Staff Sessions

We can provide bespoke sessions tailored to meet your school’s needs, upon request. At the heart of our trainings is a sincere desire to help you support LGBTQ+ people and raise your confidence levels. We want to work together to serve our community, so let us know what aspects of our expertise you feel you would benefit from most.

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LGBTQ+ Related Student Sessions

We can provide LGBTQ+ related sessions to students. These sessions can cover a variety of LGBTQ+ related topics including an introduction to LGBTQ+ terminology, an introduction to gender, sex and sexuality and understanding homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. Let us know what aspects of our expertise you feel students would benefit from most.

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Access To Educating With Pride Resource Hub

Our Educating With Pride Resource Hub It is where we upload useful documents, presentations and other resources related to LGBTQ+ inclusivity and student support. Multiple staff members can have access to this drive and use the resources as needed.

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Also included

Access to free resources

Access to LGBTQ+ Awareness Training

Be part of our Educating with Pride Norfolk Network

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Diverse History UK

The Educating With Pride programme does not offer bespoke curriculum audits or development but has partnered with a local consultancy firm, Diverse History UK, to meet the curriculum needs of the schools we work with. Diverse History UK has generously offered a 10% discount to schools who seek their services and mention the LGBTQ+ Project.

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Through a year-long process of ongoing support and feedback, schools and colleges are given access to a variety of resources to add to their toolkits.

Useful resources

Primary school

Take a look at our recommended LGBTQ+ reading list for children in primary school.

Secondary school

Take a look at our recommended LGBTQ+ reading list for children and young people in secondary school.

This support really makes a difference – I’ve seen how their sessions have transformed our students’ outlooks and attitudes and helped remove fear and a sense of isolation from their lives.

Individual support

We provide tailored mental health and well-being support for LGBTQ+ individuals of all ages.

Family support

We offer advice and support for families of LGBTQ+ individuals to answer any questions you may have.

Who we are

We believe every LGBTQ+ individual should have access to comprehensive mental health and wellbeing support that is tailored to their unique needs.